About “I Will Find”

During the month of February 2013, in cooperation with Kianga Ellis Projects, NY, I made daily artwork that responded to online interactions. I looked for an individual’s kind response to others on the internet, via public and semi-public platforms. The process was an experiment, without certainty about what would be discovered. When technology and social media mitigate the responsibility for harsh words, how much hostility would have to be sorted through before kindness could be found? How difficult would it be to find the good in the most contentious online discussions and would it change anything? Each day, I searched for one source interaction, then made one artwork (painting, photography, work on paper, video, or sculpture) based on the  source. The experience was documented by this blog at the beginning of February 2013, as well as each seventh day until the twenty-eighth day. I concluded the project with 28 artworks.

– Maritza Ruiz-Kim


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